About Us

Since 1995, we’ve been serving the industrial staffing needs for the Tulsa metro.  And in over 18 years of doing this we’ve come to realize that to be a successful partner to our clients and trustworthy resource for our job candidates, we cannot be “all things to all people”.   We’re comfortable in our own skin and calling ourselves, Tulsa’s first choice for industrial staffing    

For our job candidates our goals are to find work that fits your skills, get you fair compensation and help create security for your future.

For the companies we serve we strive to provide skilled, motivated workers who fit your needs perfectly, whether temporary or long term.  We want to be your go-to resource for your industrial staffing needs.

For ourselves, our goal is to become the best industrial recruiting agency anywhere…period. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our workers and our industry clients.

Thank you for choosing Prime.

New Chris


Chris Rawlings





Kirk Martin


I have been with Prime Industrial since 2009.  I’m the former Director of Sales for Prime Industrial Recruiters and was promoted to my new role as National Sales Director for our Elite Workforce Management division.  I cherish all of my friendships that have been created from the Tulsa market.  I firmly believe that relationships are what matter in the staffing industry because people are our business



Joy Moody

Vice President

I started with Prime Industrial in 1999 and knew it was a great partnership from day one.  My parents both retired from the manufacturing sector and that is where I learned what hard work and dedication was truly about.  Industrial is what I know, what I love and who I am.   



Amy Burgess

Administrative Support—Recruiting Operations

I have been with Prime Industrial for 15 years.  I enjoy working with industrial clients and candidates because I feel that is the true heart of Oklahoma.  There is a lot of rewarding moments in my job but one in particular is when a candidate that I placed years before becomes a Manager and calls placing an order for a new employee. 


Heather Caldwell

Heather Hodge

Account Manager

I have been with Prime since March 2014. Recruiting in the industrial field is challenging but rewarding, it is what I love to do. I have been in a recruiting role for about 15 years and there is no greater joy than helping someone find employment.




Director of Accounting & Finance

I have been with Prime Industrial since the spring of 2014. Previous to joining Prime I was in public accounting for 10 years. I have always enjoyed helping people and businesses with their finances.




Lindsay Wilson

Account Manager

I have been with Prime since 2014. I enjoy meeting and helping potential employees on their search for employment.  It is great being a part of such an amazing team.